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American Society of Panama

Embarking on a noble journey since its inception in 1931, our non-profit organization invites all persons of good character regardless of citizenship or national origin to channel collective energy towards supporting local charities and nurturing education - igniting a wave of change that will resonate for generations to come.

The American Society of Panama was founded in 1931 by citizens of the United States who were brought together by their business affiliations.

They felt the need for a formal organization to promote friendship among themselves and Panamanians. Some of the prominent founding members include Minister Roy T. Davis, Theodore McGinnis, George Novey, Sr., Robert J. Boyd, Sr., Charles F. MacMurray, Joel McGinnis, Carl Brunner, Sr. and Dr. William James. Since then, the American Society of Panama has evolved into a non-profit organization that embodies both charitable and social initiatives.

Our welcoming community is open to all persons who support the mission of The American Society of Panama regardless of citizenship or national origin. Through membership dues, alongside an array of engaging activities and events, we raise funds to support our impactful charity and scholarship programs.

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Our Mission
At the heart of the American Society of Panama lies a profound mission: to enrich the lives of our members through captivating activities and events, all while making a positive impact on the local community.
Our society is dedicated to fostering friendship, facilitating business networking, and keeping our members informed about vital issues that shape our community.

American Society of Panama- where friendship, philanthropy, and personal growth intertwine harmoniously.

Board of Directors

Carson Dolan – President

Rosalind Baitel – Vice President

Francis Wilson – Secretary

Shaleen White – Treasurer

Nikki Fennell – Assistant Treasurer

Megan Meighan – Vocal

Anita Littesy – Veteran Representative

Faye Blanchard

Jeanette Dekle

Marcia Henry-Lokay

Zenia Morris

Josette Hatfield