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The American Society of Panama

Our charity and scholarship program aims to support local charities and educational institutions.

Our mission

At the heart of the American Society of Panama lies a profound mission: to enrich the lives of our members through captivating activities and events, all while making a positive impact on the local community.

The American Society of Panama is dedicated to fostering friendships, facilitating business networking, and keeping our members informed about vital issues that shape our community.

Charities & Scholarships

Our charity and scholarship program aims to support local charities and educational institutions with donations, volunteers and mentorship for the deserving and economically disadvantaged

Juan Bultro’s life was transformed when he received hearing aids made possible by The American Society of Panama’s donation in collaboration with Fundación Oír es Vivir.Fueled by this newfound ability, Juan went on to achieve remarkable success in 2023. Representing Panama in the CODICADER Special Olympics, Juan emerged as a true champion, winning an impressive gold medal and 2 silver medals.

Upcoming events

Exclusive Reprosa Tour

When: 8 May 2024
Where: Costa del Este location
Time: 10.00 a.m.

Discover the fascinating process behind Reprosa’s unique crafting of pre-Columbian masterpieces using age-old goldsmith techniques. There will be two tours for groups of 20 visitors each. The first tour begins at 10am, lasting 35 minutes. Between tours you will be able to shop in their beautiful jewelry showroom. Expert guides are fluent in English and Spanish.

All proceeds support the American Society’s scholarship fund. Secure your entry online at the link below or purchase on-site at the event.

Happy Hour

Come and join us for an evening of tapas and Mediterranean cocktails!

Memorial Day Ceremony

Attendance is free and open to the public. 

Membership & Donations

The funds raised through membership, as well as other activities and events throughout the year, go to support our Charity and Scholarship programs.

Over $8000 donated to local charities
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